Stage Effects

The exterior effects for big stages are very popular nowadays. However especially in winter, the music productions move indoors, where interior effects come into play. We can hardly imagine concerts of rock bands without clouds of smoke coming from fog machines, which intensify the light show.

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Exterior pyrotechnic effects

Nowadays the modern stage production provides high-end quality, and this also relates to the pyrotechnic products that can be used. We have a whole range of silver and gold jets and fountains with different heights and burning length. Furthermore we can offer flashpots with various intensity, color flames, spinning suns and firefalls. Everything is set off wirelessly with a professional firing system. The combination of these effects will add an entirely new dimension to your musical performance.

Suitable for
  • Music bands
  • Outdoor theaters
  • Opening ceremonies
  • Announcements at sporting events
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Interior pyrotechnic effects

The Interior effects that we offer have the same qualities as the ones that are designed for exterior use, but there are much higher demands that are required of them. Especially fire safety and low smoke intensity are requested. In recent years, new effects like single-shot flairs and colored mines are being produced in addition to standard interior effects. In the past, this category of products was used strictly for outdoor fireworks. Today it is possible to prepare almost any firework setup for your theater and music production indoors.

Suitable for
  • Musical bands concerts
  • Theatrical and musical inscenations
  • Presentations of new products
  • Celebrations and ceremonies
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Fog machines

Long gone are the days when the smoke on the stage was prepared with dry ice. There are various kinds of fog machines and hazers available with modern technology. Everything is controlled remotely via DMX protocol. This makes it possible to cover an entire range of intensities, from a light mist which accents the lights, to thick smoke. It is also possible to regulate the temperature of the smoke, in order to control whether or not it stays at the ground or whether it will be rising up.

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