Special Effects ( SFX )

Whether you are preparing a war movie or a series full of action, you need a realistic simulation of explosions. Of course all this is not possible without a large amount of firearms and other weapons. The shooting can be so real, that one will hardly believe it won’t have any consequences, in the form of actors getting shot or material being shattered and destroyed. If you add a dramatic fire on top of that, then follow with fire effects, and subsequently you can have the burned-out ruin disappear in a fog or haze with heavy rain, thanks to the atmospheric effects.

Simulation of explosions

Whether you are shooting a movie or an advertisement, or if you are preparing a scene in a theater, you need everything to be in the right place and act exactly the way that you have planned with maximum possible accuracy.
These requirements are met by the simulations of blasts and explosions that we do. All of this is possible thanks to our precise wireless firing system, and the directed explosions, which are completely safe for the actors on the scene, but they will still take the breath away from the audience.


Shooting simulation

Precisely timed simulation of the impact of shots on various materials, including floors, walls, furniture, glass and also actors themselves. Everything can be synchronized with other action in the choreography with maximal accuracy. Thanks to the special technology, all the shots are without flash.
There is also a possibility to use sparks if the impact of the shots is supposed to be on metal objects.
These effects also include simulations of hits by arrows and spears.


Flame effects

Flame effects for film and theater can be realized by many available technologies and methods. These methods include gas burners, flammable gels, flame projectors or even generators of fire mushrooms.
With these technologies, we can create a whole range of effects, from simple burning torches to a fire blaze in a multilevel story house. Gas burners can be also used to light up a scene.


Atmospheric effects

Atmospheric effects can significantly affect the mood and tone of the scene. Rain and fog add to the drama. Fog in the room will highlight the sunrays penetrating through the windows. Rain running down the windows will dramatically change the character of the current happening.


Firearms and other weapons

We have guns of all types and calibers, with blank ammunition, from automatic pistols and revolvers, to repeating rifles and submachine guns.
Among the cold weapons we can offer cast rubber maces, mallets, hammers and other weapons. Furthermore we have dull knives and swords.

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