Other services

Besides all the pyrotechnic services, we also offer other products, which may be directly or indirectly related to the services that you order. We can provide our own sound system with appropriate intensity for any audience. Our team of professional photographers and cameramen can eternalize your show forever. We can transport your goods under the ADR regime, which may be partial or full.
In case of uncertainty in the pyrotechnic legislation, we can provide professional consultations. If you haven’t found what you were looking for in any of the sections on this website, then we are also open to new ideas and innovations that you might and we are willing to accommodate your special needs.

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Sound system

The bedrock of our offer of fireworks are pyromusical shows. For that reason we have a very high quality sound system. The sound equipment is cooperating with our firing system and it starts automatically when fireworks are set off. This eliminates all problems with the synchronization of music, as is the case when the music is being turned on separately by a sound engineer.

We are able to fully cover the range from a smaller private event to a larger area such as a square or plaza. Thanks to our electronic mixer and wireless microphone we are also able to provide background music or speech for your event.

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Camera and Photography

Just like the beauty of snowflakes, the beauty of fireworks is also redeemed by transience. Therefore, along with the realization of firework show, we can also record the entire show in high resolution. Larger fireworks displays are recorded on multiple cameras, in order to cover the entire radius of the scene. It is also possible to capture photographs.

We can arrange to edit the video and give it to you on the spot after the show. This way you will always be able to remind yourself of this special moment.

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ADR transport and consulting

Within our own business, we also must comply with international agreements on the transport of dangerous materials or equipment by road, ADR.

We also provide domestic and international transportation of goods that are in the ADR Class 1, by a van up to 3.5t, version EXII. We offer consulting services for ADR Class 1 for other companies engaged in the transportation of hazardous substances without their own ADR consultant.

If you would like to order and arrange transport by ADR, or to request the services of an ADR consultant, or if you need us to clarify some of the issues, please contact us.

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Pyrotechnic legislation consulting

Implementation of firework shows, pyromusical performances and other special effects requires respect for the laws of physics, but also a fairly good knowledge of Czech and European legislation.
The main legal regulation in Czech republic that deals with the pyrotechnics is the newly issued law 206/2015 in the collection of laws about pyrotechnic products and their usage(zákon 206/2015 sb. o pyrotechnických výrobcích a zacházení), but interconnection with other legislation and understanding the context can be very difficult.

If you are hesitant about ordering fireworks for your event because of concerns about the compliance with applicable laws and regulations, or if you are not sure whether you are not balancing on the edge of the law because of having your own fireworks show, or if you're a curious handyman, we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have. Do not hesitate to contact us, preferably by e-mail or telephone.

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Special Projects

Do you need us to create an explosion, set a man on fire, shoot a banner into the sky, or other specific pyrotechnic activity, and you can’t find it in our offer? Does not matter! Do not hesitate to contact us with any ideas and innovation for your event and we will prove that pyrotechnic effects have no limits. You can find examples on our YouTube channel.

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