What we offer

We specialize on extensive pyromusicals and other types of firework shows with modern concepts. We can create traditional special effects from explosive to atmospheric and without the need to use CGI. We help bands highlight their performance during their live concerts, by flame projectors or by using pyrotechnic effects on stage. In the approach to our projects we are guided by the belief that quality surpasses quantity. We perceive our work as a form of art and every project that we create is original.
We also offer consulting and many other services that are associated directly or indirectly with our main areas of business.

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Firework shows

Did you know there aren’t fireworks shows like fireworks shows? That there are musical shows with pyrotechnics, where effects dance in the sky like actors in a theater performance? Would you like us to shoot an inscription into the sky for you or to cover a surface of water with a carpet of bright colors? Would you like to please and impress someone with a spectacular show? Fireworks shows are divided into several types and categories, go to section Firework shows to find out more.

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Special effects

Do you need small sparks for your film or serial? Or rather a sequence of intense explosions among a crowd of actors? Does your screenplay require a rainy scene with fog and isn’t any rain in the forecast? We are able to cover all these types of special effects: from the preparation and technical stage of the scene, to the actual realization, including the deployment of modern technical equipment. We will be more than happy to inform you about all the types of special effects we provide.

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Stage effects

Are you preparing a concert for your music band where you need to bring the stage to life with flames that will follow the rhythm of your music? Are you introducing a new product at an expo, and you want the product to appear in a ring of fire? We are able to provide fountains, flashes and lightning, fire falls or just haze and confetti. It is possible to synchronize everything with your music production. All the products we use are designed specifically for interior use. They are typically nonsmoking and very safe.
More information about stage effects.

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Other services

Have you had trouble finding the pyrotechnic service that you were looking for? Are you missing the sound installation for the pyromusical show? Would you like to capture your fireworks with photographs and with a proffessional video? Do you have questions about the legalities, transport of explosives, or special effects? If so visit the link Other services

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Shop of pyrotechnics

Are you interested in using the pyrotechnics that we use? Are you a professional pyrotechnician, general customer or an airsoft enthusiast that needs smoke shells or some imitation material? Then visit the shops or the e-shop Ohňostroje Krupička, the prime supplier of MAKALU Fireworks s.r.o.

Ohňostroje Krupička
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