Project Implementation process

Each order is handled individually. In the area of fireworks, it would be hard to do otherwise. To at least outline how such preparation looks like, here is a rough roadmap of implementation, from the initial meeting to the last shot at your event.

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Fireworks realization

  1. When we get in contact with our clients, we go through all their ideas and requirements for the fireworks. We first inquire after the following items:
    • How much money they want to spend on the fireworks?
    • Should the fireworks be synchronized with music?
    • What is the required length of the show?
    • What are the dimensions of the firing site?
    • Other individual parameters and requests
  2. In the case of firework show with musical accompaniment (pyromusical fireworks), our fireworks designer will prepare a draft of the musical background, and send it to the customer for approval. implementation 1
  3. Based on the approved musical background, the designer will design the choreography for the fireworks show. Then he will send the draft in a form of digital visualization to the customer for approval. implementation 2
  4. On the D-Day, our team of pyrotechnicians will arrive on the site; they will prepare the fireworks and set on the agreed time. implementation 3
  5. If it's part of the order, the fireworks are recorded on video, edited on the spot, and handed over to the customer the same day.
  6. After the fireworks display, the firing site is returned into its former condition.
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